PVD treatment

synergy among material and color

The innovative PVD physical treatment (Physical Vapor Deposition) confers an exclusive coloring,improving the resistance to scratches and wear. Surface coatings represent aninnovation also for the exclusivity and repeatability of colors,and for the excellent performance in terms of duration. The acquired technical properties make this material of extreme hardness, maximum resistance to corrosion , runassailable to solvents, acids or alkalis and to limescale removers products for domestic use, unalterable to light. Thanks to innovative production processes,it is able not only to inhibit bacteria proliferation, but also to eliminate them. Antibacterial and bactericidal properties last for all the life of the object. PVD treatment is a development of vacuum deposition processes,that allows for obtaining of thin metallic film, with thickness among 0.3 μm and 2 μm, with innovative properties both from an aesthetic and technical point of view , which interest both quality of deposed film and technologies used. Features that make this material an high quality product for the exceptional performance in terms of durability and aesthetics.