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luxurystyle line

luxurystyle line
Luxurystyle line: the haute cuisine starts from design kitchen sinks

High Quality Stainless Steel sinks and mixer taps: advanced and innovative solutions for the contemporary kitchen design.


line colorstyle
excellence between innovation and color

classicstyle line

classicstyle line
fashionable stainless steel kitchen sinks and accessories.

Sinks and taps in stainless steel to enjoy your kitchen day after day: elegant, hygienic and easy to take care.

Italian made kitchen sinks

How much time do you spend at kitchen using the sink there? It is traditionally one of the most occupied spots in the room. Food preparation, food disposal, cleanup, dish wash – all is done in one place. Making a right choice of the fixture can make your life a lot easier. Whether you are looking for designer kitchen sinks or Italian stainless sinks, a number of factors should be considered in order to get the most out of your kitchen:

Another thing to mention is a prep sink. It is a smaller bowl-shaped fixture, which provides additional space for your needs. Be sure to check how the item should be installed. The available options include: Italian made kitchen sinks have been acknowledged as the best choice matching all possible requirements. Highest quality is their common advantage. A variety of styles and shapes allows you to select that special fixture, which will be an apt complement for the room design. Italian sinks for kitchens are made to surprise by their functionality and longevity of materials.

Designer kitchen sinks and Italian stainless sinks

It is hard to question the fact that style matters. That is the thought we keep in mind producing every product. We make designer kitchen sinks within the luxury style line to match the choicest taste of our honored customers. Exquisite models were designed to inspire you in the quest of creating the most delicious culinary masterpieces.

Italian stainless sinks from the basic style line retain fashionable appearance, but their major stress lies on efficiency. These products are easy to clean and effective in use. We make all models only of highest-grade material. which guarantees their durability.