the heart of your home

A CM sink lights up and brightens the kitchen that welcomes it.

To succeed it, it's easy! CM has, on its side, emotionional lines, modern and functional, never cold or impersonal, often entrusted to the study of designers and specialized engineers.

Moreover, it can rely on the living-qualities of steel, on its unique gloss, on its ability to protect itself from rust and time, to last for a longtime period.

CM filters these natural qualities through its 50 years of experience, mixes with taste and knowledge, adds technical perfection and manufactures sinks of which every kitchen can be proud.

This brand, issued by the Italian stainless steel association “Centro Inox”, marks out the AISI 304 18/10 stainless steel material, whose main feature is that it does not rust if exposed to air and water.

Stainless steel has a property that makes it unique: it is self protecting. Thanks to its alloy elements, it forms a thin transparent “passive layer” on its surface. Even if the surface is scratched or otherwise damaged, this very thin passive layer, made up of only a few atoms, instantly reforms due to the effect of the oxygen in the air or water. This explains why stainless steel doesn't require any coating or other protection to remain shiny and sparkling, even after decades of use.